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There is no spectacle, anywhere in the world, that attracts more than a mariachi singing
the song: «Mexico lindo y querido»; because it makes the Mexican people remember the
place where they come from and also brings the foreigner closer to Mexico, even without
having been in the city.

We are the Mariachi Tequila, the most international mariachi in Europe. If you are looking
for a great show, the best option is the Mariachi Tequila. Our international career classifies
us as one of the best exponents of mariachi music in Europe. A show of music, dance and
joy characterizes our international Mexican group.

Mariachi Tequila began their career in Barcelona in 2002. Since then they have not only
played in the most emblematic places in the city like El Prat airport for the inauguration of
the first Dubai-Barcelona-Mexico flight of the Emirates Airlines, but also the mexican
group has visited more than 7 countries demonstrating their passion for Mexican music by
playing the best-known ‘corridos’ and ‘rancheras’ in the country.


From Portugal, Sweden, France, Malta, Algeria to Greece the good music and the colorful
show of Mariachi Tequila is perfect for all kinds of places and events like weddings,
birthdays, private serenades, anniversaries… If you are looking for a unique musical show,
don´t hesitate to call ‘El Rey’ of mariachis, the Mariachi Tequil

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